1. Jim’s Boatworks:
    Never built a boat-but I’m a fairly accomplished woodworker. Q: Are PLANS. And MATERIAL LISTS available for SNEAKBOX’s that I want to power (6 hp 4 stroke (60#) and carry two people, wife and me, total about 335#.
    Your initial comment on your page says these boats are exceptionally stable. How would you compare them to a traditional metal, 14′ 60″ beam fishing boat?
    We are avid kayakers, and have had several boats, including a powered
    Inflatable “KaBoat” (15′-6″) and I’m thinking of something smaller, easy to winter store at my home, and fairly lightweight. (120-150#)
    Is this possible?
    Thanks for a reply.
    Waterford, Mi

  2. Plans are available thru Mystic Seaport or Glen-L The boats are as stable or more so than a 14’X60″ fishing boat.

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