Available for Ownership

Please contact Jim at (507) 249-3985 or jim@jimsboatworks.com if interested.

Fully restored 15′ 1943 Old Town Square Stern Canoe with Sponsons

Wood/canvas square stern canoe
Will take motor to 9hp
Shorelander trailer with new lights and custom cover included

17' Adirondack Guideboat handmade from white cedar - $14,000

Handmade 17′ Adirondack Guideboat for your rowing pleasure


Handmade 15′ Modified Rangeley

Perfect for rowing
Will accept a small outboard

10′ Wood Canvas Duck Boat built approximately 1930

Very good condition

Wee Lassies 1-person Canoe

$2,500 each
30 lbs

New Handmade Duck Boat

Built from the lines of the 1930 Wood Canvas Duck Boat

17′ Restored 1940 Thompson Hiawatha

Wood Canvas Canoe

15′ Bob’s Special Cedar / Cypress Wood Strip Canoes

$3,000 each
50 lbs