Duck Boats

Sneak box style duckboats are a longstanding tradition on the East Coast, Jim’s individually crafted boats combine the best of Sneak Box style with the best of quality and craftsmanship.

These are exceptionally stable boats.

The boats are built of either high grade marine plywood or wood strips, then fiber glassed inside and out to provide low maintenance and durability.

The boats have a removable drain plug to make cleaning easy.

Options include built in shell storage / shelves, hatch covers, grass rails, motor mounts, removable floor boards, and removable decoy racks.

Jim’s duck boats can be customized to your preferences and hunting needs.

12 ft. Barnegat Bay Sneakbox - sold
10 ft. Barnegat Bay Sneakbox - For Sale
Custom sneak box
View with full decoy rack
Custom sneak box
View with grass rail and motor mount
Custom sneak box
View with hatch cover secured